Termite Control

Termite Control in Los Angeles, CA 

Termites live in warm environments where it rarely freezes.This means Southern California is a prime location for termites to thrive. The two most common termites in CA are the subterranean and drywood termite.

At Zircon Pest Solutions, we have years of experience helping Los Angeles residents rid termites from their homes for good. We’re the experienced pros you need to tackle any termite problem.  

Protect Your Home with Termite Removal

Given the ideal weather conditions for termites in California, it is highly likely you will have to deal with termites at some point while living here. 

To protect your home, you need to know how to get rid of termites. It all starts with regular inspections and evaluations.

We can help you prevent one of the most common termites in CA (the subterranean termite) from infesting your property thanks to our proactive pretreatment services. These serve as a deterrent to termites for up to 3 years.

Pretreatment works by treating the soil before the main concrete foundation slab of the home is installed during pre-build. 

Over the years, that pretreatment can and will break down. Some of the factors that determine how long pretreatment will be effective include: 

  • Pretreatment product type
  • Pretreatment quality
  • Time since pretreatment
  • Conditions conducive to pretreatment breakdown (water leaks, poor construction, etc.) 
  • Soil type (desert, farmland, etc.)

If you suspect pretreatment has worn away and notice any sign of activity, schedule an appointment with us today. If your home is already standing, our trained termite exterminators can enter the home and manually implement our own preventative treatment.

Know the Signs 

Of course, prevention may not be enough and isn’t always a guarantee. Even with pretreatment, you may discover your property has termites. 

Because of this, it’s good to know the signs so you can recognize them if a termite invasion does occur. 

Swarmers & Discarded Wings: In the spring, swarmer termites will come out of their nest to begin mating and looking for a new colony. Because of this movement, along with their shed wings near windowsills or doors, you may be able to spot them. 

Colonies: Termites can create colonies of 300,000 or more. These colonies travel in “mud tubes” which bring them through the wooden structures of a property. They thrive behind the walls and in foundation cracks. Ultimately, this is why they can go unnoticed for years. 

Hollowed or Damaged Wood: Since termites eat wood from the inside out, hollow sounding wood can indicate their presence. Blistered wood can signify their presence too. 

Paint Distortion: This isn’t always 100%, but uneven or bubbled paint can indicate termites, or water damage.

If you suspect termite damage, schedule a termite inspection. Regular inspections and immediate treatments are the most effective way to exterminate and control termites. 

How Do You Control Subterranean Termites? 

The best method for how to prevent subterranean termites is through soil treatment. Various termite control treatments can be provided by Zircon for termite removal, prevention, and maintenance. 

You’ve heard it before – the best defence is a good offence. This is why we recommend property owners to regularly treat for termites in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas. 

Zircon Pest Solutions treats sites without causing any family, pet, or environmental safety concerns. We work fast and non-invasively, so before you know it, your home will be fully treated. How do we achieve this?

Determine a Barrier

As part of termite control, we establish a treatment zone. This is a barrier between your home and termites.

The barrier is formed through three steps: 

  1. Shallow trench dug around the perimeter of the home. 
  2. “Non-repellent” termite control product placed in the trench. This is done at a certain depth with a rodding tool. The termites are unaware they are passing through this product and unwittingly transfer it to the colony, resulting in elimination. 
  3. Soil is returned to the trench. The barrier remains effective for a lengthy period of time (2-5 years). But it should be noted this depends on treatment scope and conditions conducive. 

What to Expect During Inspection and Treatment 

Zircon Pest Solutions strives to provide the best experience as you seek to implement termite prevention or removal. We accomplish this through home inspection, treatment, and protection guarantee. 

In home treatment, you can expect a thorough inspection. We will recommend treatment or prevention options and answer any questions you have. You can also expect questions from us. It helps us capture the whole picture of your circumstance’s past and present. 

Some of the questions we might ask include: 

  • Has there been termite activity in your neighbor’s home? 
  • Have you witnessed termite activity in your home? 
  • If you have, where exactly?

If there is an infestation, our experts will determine the size, necessary treatment area, and any landscaping concerns. The final step here is a proposal outlining treatment area, product, and cost. 

During treatment, a licensed termite exterminator arrives to carry out the proposal. After answering any questions you have, they will begin treatment by following the plan outlined in the inspection. 

The area will be left clean and tidy with confidence that we treated your home with utmost care and commitment to excellence. 

Our treatment protection guarantees the safety of your home. This means if termite activity reoccurs during the protection period, we offer further treatment free of charge. The protection period lasts as long as treatment is required.

Get in Touch Today! We’re Eager to Help.

We’re here to assist you and give you peace of mind about your property. Whether it’s prevention or treatment you require, our team is trained and experienced to help. 

For any questions about our process, or to schedule an appointment, contact us to learn more.  

Termite control is a top concern for Los Angeles homeowners for good reason. Termites are very prevalent throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The most common termite is the Heterotermes aureus, or the desert subterranean termite, which is also the most destructive termite in the Southwest. If you find termites in your home, taking prompt control measures from a qualified termite company is the best way to avoid the severe structural damage these invasive pests will cause.

Desert subterranean termites are so common in California that all new construction homes in the area are required to receive a soil “pretreatment” prior to pouring the concrete foundation as preventative control. The termite pretreatments on new homes protect them from the desert subterranean termite, but generally only have a 3-year warranty. To ensure long lasting protection of your home, it’s important to maintain regular inspections and treatment for termites.