Multi-Family Pest Control

Multi-family properties include everything from a house with individual units, to a condo community, or an apartment complex with hundreds of tenants. But all of these properties have one thing in common - they require routine pest control.

Multi-family properties attract more pests simply because of the increased number of household units. Also, multiple residences in closer proximity increases the spread of infestations. So, what are you to do?

As pest control providers, Zircon Pest Solutions is always on standby for property management. With years of experience, we not only know how to get rid of the pests but how to keep them away for good.

Pest Control Services We Offer

Exclusion. This encompasses both exterminating and keeping pests out of resident homes. This involves identifying the possible entry points for pests, such as underneath doors and cracks in the walls. We seal these points, preventing pests from taking up residence.

Fly Control. Flies are a nuisance and can spread diseases. House flies, fruit flies, and sewer gnats are the most common household pests. Flies are attracted to rotting fruits, vegetables, and other garbage. They can often be found swarming around the dumpsters or trash cans of multi-family residences. Our fly treatments eliminate these nuisances. We also will give you a plan of action to manage fly populations throughout all times of the year. 

Bed Bug Services. Signs of a bed bug infestation include red, inflamed, and itchy welts on the body. These bites often manifest in zig-zag lines or in small clusters. There may also be telltale reddish stains underneath mattresses or in bed sheets. Bed bugs spread latching onto the clothes or belongings of residents and infecting other areas of condo communities. Our community pest control will detect bed bugs, manage and halt their spreading, and eliminate these critters from homes. We also offer routine follow-ups to ensure tenants don’t reintroduce bed bugs back into the area.

Termites. Termites feed on a range of materials, from plant matter and wood to paper, drywall, wallpaper, and even plastic. They can eat through floors, walls, and the structural support of any building. Our team can treat the infested areas as well as the wood and soil surrounding the apartments. We use the best quality insecticides to ensure a high-quality solution.

Cockroaches. As one of the most common pests, cockroaches enter homes in search of food, shelter, moisture, and warmth. The most common species are the German cockroaches. They are attracted to food on counters, crumbs on floors, and dirty dishes in the sink. They might also lurk in bathrooms, especially under the sink, wet bath mats, or around leaky pipes. Our cockroach pest control involves identifying the species and creating a targeted extermination plan.  We work quickly and efficiently to deliver the most effective methods possible. 

Pigeon Control. Pigeons are attracted to apartment communities because it’s easy to find food in dumpsters on the property. They also like to roost in eaves, courtyards, entries, and other areas with crevices for their nests. We employ a variety of techniques to keep these pesky birds away. Our pigeon control involves getting rid of standing water and built-up trash. We also utilize bird netting, spikes, trappings, or monofilament and steel lines. These methods prevent the pigeons from resting or landing on the property.

Bee Removal. Bees swarm inside walls, near windows, and in trees on the property. When they build their hives close to people’s homes, they can become dangerous, especially if the hive is disturbed. Our bee removal services keep the hives away from your tenants but also avoids harming the bees.  

Rodent Control. Signs of a rodent infestation might include droppings on floors, near cupboards, or in drawers. They use fabric, shredded paper, or plant matter to make their nests. Once rodents have made their way into your home, it’s tricky getting them out as they find the smallest spaces to hide. For tenant pest control, we will locate them on the property, place baits and traps, and remove them from your space. We also ensure that any repellants we use don’t put your tenants’ health at risk. These chemicals won’t affect the residents or the environment, only the rats. 

Get Pest Control You Can Trust

At Zircon Pest Solutions, we provide proven pest management solutions. Our team uses only the necessary chemicals and controls the area of infestation in all of our pest management treatments.

As multi-family pest control experts, we keep up on the latest pest prevention and removal techniques. Our team offers a range of customized treatment programs designed to treat your specific building. We’ll leave you with a complex you can be proud to list on the market, free of all pests.

If your apartment or condo community has an infestation, schedule an appointment today!